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Not all of us are tech-savvy, but even those who are can still find themselves confused with the process of registration here and there. Especially with governmental sites! Filling up is another difficult task on its own, more so if you don’t know the things that you should be filling up for. Let’s have a look at how it should be done.

  1. Go to
  2. If you do not still have an account, you can click on ‘Register’ in the upper right corner of your screen. 
  3. From there, it is pretty self-explanatory. The fields you will fill up will include primary examples such as your name (first name, middle initial, last name), your email address, primary phone number, and your mobile number only in the US. Along with these are your username and password. 
  4. you may search for grants by clicking on the ‘Search Grants’ button on your screen. From these, you may look up any grants that might be applicable to you. However, the downside of using this one is that there are so many grants! The results will be convoluted! So what you can do is to search through different platforms instead, much easier ones to look for the grants that may be applicable to you. Here in Blueprint Mastermind, we release videos and updates regarding any small business grants, you can look through my YouTube channel for anything I’ve recently released.
  5. After that, you may proceed to create a workspace through the View Grant Opportunity page!
  6. Once you’ve created your workspace, you may choose to add any registered users as participants to help you with the application forms.
  7. There are different types of application forms that you can choose to answer: PDF forms, web forms, or a balance between both. You may also reuse forms from any recent workspaces you’ve created. 
  8. You may also use the Check for Errors button to check on any missing information that you may have overlooked. 
  9. The form will include required fields such as the same ones on the web form link like the type of submission, applicant info including your name, department, etc. as well as your identifiers.

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